Mysteries in One of the Most Interesting Postcard of Amazon

Fabulous Rock Formations
Na Cidade dos Deuses, as rochas apresentam diferentes formas e contornos variados.

Fabulous rock formations sculpted by the action of rain and wind, with inscriptions that attest to the presence of ancient peoples. Meet this mysterious and mystical place where your imagination is the limit.

Um santuário natural na Cidade dos Deuses
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The preservation of this heritage depends on you. Do not scratch the stones or the trees, respect the fauna and flora, and not leave litter along the way. Adopt a conscious conduct, setting a good example.


A Pedra da Taça representa um dos simbolos da Cidade dos Deuses
"Among the many sights of Alenquer, one stands out for its majestic natural landscape, the City of the Gods, located 32km from the city center. Geological formations where rocks take form with intriguing designs and very interesting figures containing rock art dating back 12,000 a.c. ".
Portal da Cidade dos Deuses
Pedra da Taça (Stone Cup) and Portal dos Deuses (Portal of the Gods).
Chuva de Prata Waterfall Video

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How to get there

The City of the Gods (Cidade dos Deuses) is located in the municipality of Alenquer, on the left bank of the Amazon River and Surubiú River, west of Pará, mesoregion of the Lower Amazon, micro-region of Santarém.

By air:

  • Daily trips to the city of Santarém, with direct flights to the airports of Belém (Pará), Manaus (Amazonas) and Brasilia (Federal District). From Santarém it is also possible to charter an air taxi with approximate time of 20min.


By waterway:

  • Boats, with daily departures from Santarém and journey time around 4-5 hours. There are also boat trips from Manaus-AM with  duration of the journey around 50 hours and departures from Belém-PA bound to Santarém.


By land:

  • You can reach Alenquer by bus or private car, departing from the municipalities of Oriximiná, Óbidos, Prainha and Monte Alegre. From Santarém, it is necessary to make a  ferry crossing via Santana do Tapará in Monte Alegre.




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