The beauty and magnificence of the mountains in the Amazon forest, present in this region of rich flora and fauna, full of waterfalls, with landscapes that are true sources of inspiration.
Na Cidade dos Deuses, as rochas apresentam diferentes formas e contornos variados.
Um santuário natural na Cidade dos Deuses

With its nearly 100m high, the Chuva de Prata (Silver Rain) Waterfall is located in a valley surrounded by canyons that reach 200m, guarding a unique ecosystem, continuously wet by the water at the impact with the rocks, where plants that are not common in the region blossom throughout the valley, and the feeling of being on, no doubt, one of the most beautiful works of nature.

To get to this waterfall, one must start from the city of Alenquer, distant about 70km. The path should be preferably carried out by a vehicle type 4x4. After this course, it is a must to have a good physical condition to face a 2 hour hike into the forest, in a carefully decorated track by nature, made up of orchids and bromeliads, giant old trees, hills, stone walls and even streams that are hidden by dense vegetation in the background of huge gullies.

On arrival at the waterfall, every effort is rewarded with invigorating baths in the great natural pool formed at the foot of the immense waterfall.


Explore the Amazon Rainforest

The city of Alenquer, is the starting point for those who wish to enjoy the natural beauty of West Pará region and are fans of Adventure Tourism, whether it is running through beautiful trails in the Amazon rainforest or natural grassland, and renewing the energies with baths waterfalls, and contemplating the richness of the Amazon fauna and flora, in direct contact with nature.

All the exuberance of the local fauna and flora, with a variety of bromeliads, flowers of exotic appearances, tajás, palm trees with thorny aerial roots, ferns, and a wide variety of orchids.



Valley of Waterfalls

Red Faced Spider Monkey -  The population trend is decreasing and the species are critically endangered


All the preserved beauty of the Amazon

Other natural beauties of Alenquer

The Curuá river is one of the major rivers of Alenquer, and its main tributaries are the rivers Cuminapanema, Mamiá, and Igarapé do Inferno. It runs through the city in north-south direction, and in the northern part it has many waterfalls, like the one in this photo, known as Benfica, about 100m wide.

Igarapé do Inferno, a tributary of the river Curuá.

Vale do Paraíso Waterfall.

Véu de Noiva Waterfall. Located in Vale do Paraíso.

Exuberant and inspiring landscapes of waterfalls, rivers, canyons, and century-old trees, this magnificent and unexplored ecotourism destination, with its rich flora and fauna, perfect for those who just want to observe or photograph and have a closer contact with nature in this enchanting region.



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